Friday, September 18, 2009

Dye Carbon Fiber 2 Piece Boomstick Barrel

The newest creation from DYE Precision is the New DYE Carbon Fiber Barrel. Soon to be the hottest carbon fiber barrel on the market, the carbon fiber boomstick by DYE is one of the lightest and strongest carbon fiber barrels soon to be out on the field.

The Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick barrel brings barrel technology to a new level. The new DYE Carbon fiber barrel now gives players the best of both worlds. Featuring a unique and proprietary stainless steel insert with a carbon fiber outer sleeve. This is now allowing, us, the players to have the lightweight feel of a carbon fiber barrel and the precision and durability of a stainless steel barrel all in one super light weigh package.

The Dye carbon fiber barrel will be available:
3 bore sizes: .684, .688, .692
2 carbon fiber barrels lengths: 15" and 17"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carbon Fiber Barrel Advantages

Carbon Fiber Barrel Advantages -

Carbon Fiber barrels main advantage over aluminum or stainless steel barrels is going to be the weight. Carbon Fiber barrels can weigh half as much as aluminum barrels! As everyone knows in paintball, being light and agile is very important. Not only is it important for the player to be light overall so that they can dive into bunkers and get as far as possible off the break but it also helps with the balance of the gun. The last thing you want for your paintball gun is a big heavy barrel weighing down the front of your gun and making it a work out just to bring it up to aim and shoot. Snap shooting would get tiring real quick if this were the case.

Another carbon fiber barrel advantage is that even with such a big loss on weight, it does not sacrifice accuracy in any way. As a matter of fact, carbon fiber barrels are going to be as accurate as the best aluminum barrels out there.

The last advantage carbon fiber barrels have over an aluminum barrel is styling. Let's face it, Carbon Fiber is just sweet looking and to rock that on your paintball gun makes it that much better.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheap Carbon Fiber Barrels

Aluminum Barrels are a thing of the past... It is all about carbon fiber barrels and the carbon fiber barrel kits. When every ounce in paintball counts, why would you not get the best and lightest weight paintball barrel you can find? Carbon Fiber barrels are almost as durable as standard aluminum one or two piece barrels and only weigh a fraction of the aluminum.

Just because a barrel is made out of carbon fiber, it does not mean it has to break the bank. Carbon fiber barrels are available for as cheap as $27.95 at There are a lot of different brands of carbon barrels some of which reach a price of over $200. That just means you have to be very smart when selecting your barrel.

If you are looking for a standard one piece carbon fiber barrel, we would recommend looking at either the Invert Nightstick barrel or the Azodin Carbon Fiber barrel. With a price tag of only $59.95, these barrels will cut down on the weight of your paintball gun as well as drastically improve your accuracy and consistancy of the stock barrel.

If you are the serious tournament paintball player and want the best that is out there, We would recommend you checking out the Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel kit. The Deathstix kit is available for all types of paintball gun and comes as a complete kit with 4 different size backs as well as your choice of front. The backs are light weight aluminum and you can purchase the carbon fiber front in your choice of length which ranges from 14-24 inches. The ultralite carbon fiber fronts are very durable and only work with the deathstix backs.

With the carbon fiber barrel kit, you will get the best possible paint to barrel match. This means you will get unequaled accuracy from your paintball gun and get the fewest possible barrel breaks. The deathstix barrel kit is pretty much the lightest barrel on the market.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carbon Fiber Barrel Weights

The main difference between aluminum barrels and carbon fiber barrels is the weight. The difference is pretty significant. Overall between most carbon fiber barrels and most aluminum barrels, the weight of the carbon fiber barrel is going to be 50% lighter than the aluminum barrel if not more. For most players, this can be a pretty big deal. The last thing you want to do is have a bunch of heavy equipment weighing you down when you break for the fifty. If you're looking to save weight and gain an accurate barrel in the process then definitely look towards carbon fiber paintball barrels.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Azodin Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrel is actually a Carbon aluminum wrap. What they did is wrap aluminum material with a Carbon Fiber material to make it even stronger. The inside of the Azodin Carbon Fiber barrel is made out of aluminum to provide the accuracy you crave without every having to worry about damaging your barrel when you run a swab through it. The outer side of the barrel is wrapped in carbon fiber. What this does is reduce the weight of a traditional aluminum barrel but still keeps it durable and strong.

The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrels are available in two lengths: 14" and 16" and also two thread types: Cocker and Spyder. The finish on these barrels is spectacular. They look amazing! The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrels come in five different colors: Matte Black, Polish Black, Polish Blue, Polish Green, and Polish Red.

Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel is Invert's first paintball barrel. The Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel is a great paintball barrel. It is made out of carbon fiber material so it is extremely light weight yet it is also one of the most durable barrels out there. Precision made, this barrel is going to provide excellent accuracy. The barrel only comes in one finish which is the carbon fiber look but it is available for four different thread types: Tippmann A5, Autococker, Spyder, & Ion. If you're looking for a an accurate and light weight barrel with out a heavy price tag then check out the Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel.
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Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is the best paintball barrel on the market. Because it is made out of Carbon Fiber material it is going to be extremely light weight and durable. The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel weighs in at an astonishing 2.4 ounces! That's so light that you can barely tell that it is there. The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrels come in a variety of different colors sure to meet anyone's liking.

The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is a two piece barrel system. There is a 4 piece back kit, featuring A5, Spyder, Cocker, and Ion threads and that is matched up with either a 14", 16", or 24" barrel tip. Combined, this makes an unstoppable barrel that provides great accuracy.

As if the Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel could not possibly get any better, it does. The last thing you would want to do with your Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is scratch it or bang it up against some hard parts. That is why there is a Deathstix case made specifically for this barrel kit. It holds 4 barrel backs and up to a 16" barrel front. It is a very nice case that offers plenty of protection.

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