Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Azodin Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrel is actually a Carbon aluminum wrap. What they did is wrap aluminum material with a Carbon Fiber material to make it even stronger. The inside of the Azodin Carbon Fiber barrel is made out of aluminum to provide the accuracy you crave without every having to worry about damaging your barrel when you run a swab through it. The outer side of the barrel is wrapped in carbon fiber. What this does is reduce the weight of a traditional aluminum barrel but still keeps it durable and strong.

The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrels are available in two lengths: 14" and 16" and also two thread types: Cocker and Spyder. The finish on these barrels is spectacular. They look amazing! The Azodin Carbon Fiber barrels come in five different colors: Matte Black, Polish Black, Polish Blue, Polish Green, and Polish Red.

Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel is Invert's first paintball barrel. The Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel is a great paintball barrel. It is made out of carbon fiber material so it is extremely light weight yet it is also one of the most durable barrels out there. Precision made, this barrel is going to provide excellent accuracy. The barrel only comes in one finish which is the carbon fiber look but it is available for four different thread types: Tippmann A5, Autococker, Spyder, & Ion. If you're looking for a an accurate and light weight barrel with out a heavy price tag then check out the Invert Nightstick Carbon Fiber barrel.

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Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel

The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is the best paintball barrel on the market. Because it is made out of Carbon Fiber material it is going to be extremely light weight and durable. The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel weighs in at an astonishing 2.4 ounces! That's so light that you can barely tell that it is there. The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrels come in a variety of different colors sure to meet anyone's liking.

The Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is a two piece barrel system. There is a 4 piece back kit, featuring A5, Spyder, Cocker, and Ion threads and that is matched up with either a 14", 16", or 24" barrel tip. Combined, this makes an unstoppable barrel that provides great accuracy.

As if the Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel could not possibly get any better, it does. The last thing you would want to do with your Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel is scratch it or bang it up against some hard parts. That is why there is a Deathstix case made specifically for this barrel kit. It holds 4 barrel backs and up to a 16" barrel front. It is a very nice case that offers plenty of protection.

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